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Russian artist, painter, art-critic and musician, currently based between Madrid and Moscow, Ksenia Konovalova has been dedicated to art in its various manifestations from a very early age. Having started her career with music, she has grown with an open mind to each and every field in art, and thus she began to explore painting after a natural desire to create that she couldn't fulfill only with music. She started to study drawing and painting with the famous master of watercolor painting, Honored Artist of Russia, Alexander Denisov, (successor of his father’s traditions, Vasiliy Filippovich Denisov, Honored Artist of Russia, who was an internationally acclaimed painter, and the founder of his own style which is well-known in Russia as the “Denisov’s school”) and within a very short span of time, she was invited to become a resident of the art-studio “Wind of Wanderings” (Moscow) where she started exhibiting in top galleries in Moscow. Ksenia is a prize-winner of many international competitions. Her works are published in an array of international art issues, and are presented in private collections in Russia, Italy, Spain, Hungary, USA, Mexico and Colombia.


Ksenia Konovalova is one of the founders of the Artgressive movement and style. In 2017 together with a group of artists and art-critics (Alexander Denisov, Elena Muzalevskaya, Denis Denisov) she took part in the creation of the new phenomena in russian contemporary art called Artgressive (Aggressive Romanticism). Its conception and philosophy is to unite contemporary artists under the banner of keeping the best traditions and heritage of the Great Masters and send a contemporary and conceptual message with a direct (aggressive) technical expression.

Her style is the unique combination of the traditions of Russian painting, as well as the legacy of the Impressionists, Expressionism, Symbolists and contemporary trends in art. 


​Working mostly with oil and watercolor, Ksenia Konovalova always goes beyond of the classical understanding of watercolor and oil painting. In many of her artworks she experiments with her art tools, complements watercolor with other materials (such as ink, tempera, acrylic, pastel) or even combines painting with her original photo prints (photographics), which makes her art fresh, relevant, and fascinating.


Her art does not only convey the beauty of the world, but through the prism of her artistic vision, she tries to give a hidden meaning to ordinary things, thus creating another incentive for the viewers that she believes it will be appealing.


Being a female artist Ksenia Konovalova dedicates a lot of her art-works to the image of the woman, which depicts as a magnetic power and daring sexuality.. a fearless voice of the 21st century. It represents the reflection of contemporary society. Sometimes in her landscapes the female nature is just a beauty of perfections of the world around us, sometimes it is a tear and just being on the edge, but it is always a silent message.


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